Care a car is pleased to provide you with access to the network of websites and related services owned or operated by Care a car Limited and its related bodies distributed on the internet (the ” Care a car Network”) including on these terms and conditions.

By accessing or using the Care a car Network you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of use.

About the Care a car Network

Care a car publishes or makes available on the Care a car Network information,
advertisements, product and service offers, vehicle data, valuations, Software and links and other content supplied by Care a car and third parties (Material).


Appointment: The Client appoints Care a car as its agent to do all things on behalf of the Client.
Care a car considers necessary to market and sell the vehicle including without

  1. Store unless agreed otherwise with the Client.
  2. Inspect, and market the vehicle for sale.
  3. Information concerning the nature of the Client.
  4. The results of the Vehicle Condition Report and including any defects or damage to the vehicle.
  5. To sell the Goods for the Client on the Auction Terms or Buy Now Terms or Tender Terms.
  6. Respond to, negotiate and settle any Buyer Claim as the Client’s agent and in the manner set out in the Buyer Terms.
Reserve Price:

The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Auction Reserve Price and Buy Now Reserve Price were set by the Client in reliance on his/her or its own judgment and not in reliance on any statements, warranties or representations made to the Client or to any other person by or on behalf of Care a car.

Vehicle condition report

Care a car may after agreement with the Client:

  1. Carry out a Vehicle Condition Report
  2. Display the results of a Vehicle Condition Report on any vehicle offered for sale.

When the vehicle is accepted by Care a car for sale the client agrees to pay a one time fee for the service in the amount of NZD which would account for the listing fees and success fees of any online or off-line auctions, grooming fees or any other fees related to the preparation of the vehicle for entering the market. Provided that the Goods were sold successfully by the means of the Care a car

  1. At a an agreed by the Client price, Care a car will charge 1.5% from the sold price as a fee for the services rendered
  2. At a rate that is higher than that of the agreed by the Client price, Care a car will charge 2.5% from the sold price as a fee for the services rendered.
  3. At a rate that is lower than that of the agreed price Care a car will contact the Client prior to finalizing the deal in order to confirm the Client’s intention.

Care a car and the Client may by mutual agreement terminate this agreement immediately at any time, with or without cause, whether before or after any services have been provided.