Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

(Excludes any specialized */ modified* / performance cars*)

When you choose to bid on a car on CAC imports portal, CAC imports will review each car before auction and will advise by phone/ email / text – the inspection comments noted at auction grade sheet. The quality of vehicle is largely assessed by Auction House Grading System while we will also advise any obvious visual defects that are observed on the auction grade sheet

CAC Imports - will approve your placed bid on CAC imports web portal - only and only after you give verbal or electronic approval in forms such as email/text – and have agreed with terms and conditions.

An auction bid once approved by CAC imports after your approval ( and inspection comments) - under your authority is a nonretractable contract.

Standard pre-purchase inspections include:

  • Interior condition: interior smell, smoke or cigarette damage, Interior electronics such as power windows etc.
  • Exterior condition: scratches, dents, paint and panel condition.
  • Mechanical: engine condition, oil leaks
  • Due to volume and speed Japanese pre purchase inspections exclude:

  • Road tests or full mechanical inspection

  • NOTE: Tyres and brake pads are not guaranteed in any way.

    Unsuccessful Bids

    Due to the large quantity and range of vehicles available at any given time if your bid is unsuccessful – CAC imports will not be held responsible for auction outcome / bid that did not win at auction.

    Successful Bids

    If your bid is successful you will be notified immediately of success and the final costs. An invoice will be raised – and successful bid would require 20% deposit payment within 01 day of notification.

    Prior to any engagement, CAC Imports will discuss payment terms with you so you are fully aware of requirements post auction.

    Payment Schedule

    On winning the auction – CAC imports will raise a sale agreement of the total amount that would have been notified prior to approval of bid by email / text to the customer. Customer agrees to pay – 20% non refundable deposit – once the auction is won within 01 working day.

    Once the car is ready after compliance at New Zealand – customer agrees to pay the balance 80% of the total amount raised at the invoice.

    The payment is made in our NZ business account – and there is no overseas payment.

    Payment can be made by Credit Card (3% surcharge applies) or EFTPOS.

    For customers with pre approved loan from CAC – payment schedule can vary based on finance criterion.


    A refund of deposit will be given if in case – the import unit is rejected at compliance within New Zealand and can no longer be complied within New Zealand. If Import units fail at compliance – it does not mean the deposit will be refunded as long as CAC imports can have the defect rectified and achieve compliance of the vehicle within a reasonable time frame .

    Once a bid has been successful and should the purchaser choose not to make deposit and later full and final payment - CAC imports reserves the right to sell the car and recover fair and reasonable costs from purchaser through a third party debt collection service.

    CAC imports – holds no responsibility for condition of vehicles that are over 50,000 kms or under grade 4.5 on the Auction Grading System. An explanation of grades is available below. Click the button below to view an explanation of the Grading System.

    Privacy Policy

    Private information will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to third party sources.

    *Terms and conditions for specialized / modified / performance cars and equipment – do not form a part of above T&C – and will be discussed separately depending on type of import unit.

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