• How To Register An Imported Car

    1. You Browse

  • Bid and Direct Import Cars From Japan

    2. You Bid

  • Care A Car Inspect - Import A Car From Japan

    3. We Inspect

  • Buy direct from Japan

    4. We Ship & Ensure Compliance

  • Import Vehicles From Japan

    5. You Drive Away

Step 1. You Browse

We have developed a system for buyers that gives direct access to Japanese auctions’ with over 100,000 cars available any time. Once you have registered on our web portal you can start browsing for your new car straight away.

You simply choose the criteria, the year, make and model of the car and the mileage, you can even specify the colour. You can choose to watchlist as many cars the auction has to offer and select the cars you wish to bid on.

Throughout the whole process we would work closely with you – to assist with auction sheets / sales statistics / past bids on similar stock – so you can make an informed and smart bidding decision.

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Step 2. You Bid

Because our portal allow buyers to bid directly in the Japanese auctions, it also allows total transparency during the bidding process - meaning you decide on the bidding amount and place the bid.

We suggest you place your best bid when you find a car that matches your requirements. The exciting part is – you may actually win the auction for a lower amount than the original bid you place and that is all you would end up paying – the lower amount!

There are NO HIDDEN COSTS. You can always see the auction outcome – the sold price for the car on your dashboard (electronic office).

Learn how japanese auctions work

Step 3. We Inspect

That’s where we come into play !!

You can bid with absolute confidence - as our portal allows a transparent access to auction grade sheets and offers translation of these before the bid is approved. Further – our agents physically inspect the car and points out if there are any obvious visual issues with the car and aims to answer any specific questions you may have for the car.

Only and only – if you happy with the condition and price, the bid you placed is approved. We also provide with detail photos (up to 20 ) – when your bid wins and car arrives in the yard for shipping. We only import cars that are high auction grade and will pass NZ compliance quality standards

Using the Portal

Step 4. We Ship & Ensure Compliance

Once you win the auction, we arrange the shipping of your car to your nearest NZ port. Shipping and compliance is fully managed by us and included in the purchase price that you pay for the car. This means everything is covered – from customs clearance, border check, mileage check, comprehensive insurance of your car during transit to compliance in NZ.

Compliance check within NZ is a rigorous testing process - and marks an important step in the process as every car entering NZ must go through compliance before it can be registered . We take full responsibility of ensuring that your car passes the compliance and meets NZ Import regulations.

Rest assured that in the unlikelihood of your car not meeting NZ compliance standards – we have you covered with a 100% money back guarantee – so you can just sit back, relax and wait for your car to arrive in NZ.

Step 5. You Drive Away

Once your car has arrived in NZ and has passed compliance it’s ready to join you.

At this stage you pay the balance 80% of the purchase amount before pick up / delivery. The payment is made in our NZ business account with ANZ bank – so you can be assured there are no risks involved with overseas payments or exchange conversion rates .

You can choose to pick your car up from our local office or if you’d prefer we can deliver it directly to your door – a great option if you live rurally.

Remember, we can add accessories such as a tow bar, NZ stereo etc – before your car is delivered, just simply add these options on at the purchase stage or let us know and we will get these done before delivery so when you car arrives – it’s all ready to go!

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