Import a car


Here is your go..... Save Yourself $$$  and Import with Complete Confidence and Guarantee .


We will find out how REALISTIC it is to import your car and whether your just want to do a price check


We will find out how much is it going to cost. Price will include : Buying the car, Freight, GST, SERVICE CHARGE and Compliance costs plus Registration. We email you cars available for purchase in Japan. It will include car pictures and detailed description. Estimate price will be included as well. We wil personally choose and recommend you the cars which we believe will pass all NZ requirements+ they’ll be inspected by our PROFESSIONAL TEAM. It takes around 3-4 weeks to import car from Japan. We will keep you informed. When your car is in the port, additional pictures will be provided. We take care of the whole process from start to the end and we hand you over the keys for the car which is already registered on your name.


Payments can be split into 3 parts, First Payment- When you select a car you pay the cost price and all expenses in Japan plus service charge. Second Payment is after 4 weeks for the Freight and Customs GST. Third Payment is for the vehicle AA / VTNZ Compliance and ORC(On Road Cost). Our commission is $499 ONLY. This is only what you pay on top of the cost of the car. We believe it’s the best value among other importers. COMPARE and you’ll be impressed. As you have become an IMPORTER. You’ll be saving up to $2900+++Without a Doubt. Feel free to contact us regarding this service. Car is insured during shipment. We keep you informed during all importation process.

Note: 100% money back guarantee–conditions apply. We give our 100% – we are experienced!


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